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Charm Bracelet - TRENDY GIRL by VIDA VIDA khfEuYBJ1w
Charm Bracelet - TRENDY GIRL by VIDA VIDA
Available in: Master’s and Doctorate.
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As the name implies, Chemical Engineering is the practical application of chemistry. This type of engineering degree involves technology that utilizes chemical reactions to solve problems. A chemical engineer creates new products, including: Cosmetics, foods, pharmaceuticals, beverages, and cleaners from raw chemicals. this is a very broad engineering degree and allows for a number of different forms of employment. It is also one of the most challenging degrees available.

Available in: Certificate, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate.

One of the most popular kindsof engineering degree. Environmental Engineering involves the study of science and engineering to improve our environment. This includes the air we breathe, food we consume, and water. Environmental Engineers also study the environmental impact humans have on the planet, including pollution as a result of development and manufacturing processes. Environmental Engineering is considered a subset of Civil Engineering.

Available in: Certificate, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate.
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A Materials Science engineering degree is a study of materials and why they behave a specific way or react to things in a certain way. This includes plastics, ceramics and polymers. Everything around us is made up of materials, as we evolve there is an increasing demand for materials which are stronger, more environmentally friendly and lighter. Employment opportunities include research positions along with industry placements. Materials Science Engineering is a very hands on, practical degree and graduates are in high demand.

Available in: Certificate, Master’s and Doctorate.
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An Agricultural engineering degree involves learning how to apply engineering to the agricultural industry to assist with area of farming including: soil conservation and salinity, ground preparation, irrigation, farm machinery design and production and helping develop more effective harvest techniques. Employment generally involves working in a consulting capacity or employed in a related industry such as machinery design and production.

Available in: Certificate, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate.
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Paper Engineering is a specialization of chemical engineering and involves understanding the processes involved (chemical and mechanical) of paper production. This type of degree involves both research based work and practical assessment which is typically lab work. Students learn the principles behind molecular science, wood pulping and fluid mechanics to name just a few.

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We’re valuable assets precisely because we’ve had to learn coping mechanisms.

By Jenny Cooper

Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by George Marks/Getty Images.

Better Life Lab is a partnership of Slate and New America .

I rarely talk about my clinical anxiety at my job in advertising sales at Google, but when I do, I always add the quick caveat that “It doesn’t affect my work.” I attempt to breezily explain that my anxiety is around relationships and social activities, not work , for fear that my co-workers will think I’m not able to handle workloads or stressful assignments the same way they can.

I’m not alone. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, only one-fourth of those with an anxiety disorder have told their employers about their diagnosis. Thirty-eight percent of those who hadn’t worried that “their boss would interpret it as lack of interest or unwillingness to do the activity” while 34 percent of them worried it would affect their promotion opportunities.

But recently, I’ve come to realize my anxiety isn’t holding me back at work but actually making me a better employee.

According to Nanci Pradas, who has 30 years of experience as a therapist, “There’s evidence to show that people who overcome thought distortions and automatic thoughts (symptoms of anxiety) can think more quickly, get promotions more frequently, and be more assertive.” And explaining how just might help break down the stigma about anxious workers.

My journey with anxiety probably started in college but hit a breaking point soon after, when I started a new job and broke up with my long-term boyfriend. I started seeing a therapist who specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, a form of psychological treatment that focuses on addressing mental health problems through active behavior change. My anxiety was exhausting, all-encompassing, and painful to work through. But the truth is after four years of therapy and targeted medication, I have learned valuable lessons that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t have anxiety.

I often describe my anxiety as going down a big mind spiral, where unfounded thoughts lead to even more unlikely imagined scenarios, such as “My boyfriend and I got in a fight. Now he’s definitely going to break up with me, and I’ll be alone forever. I better start researching egg freezing,” which start to feel not just possible but inevitable.

This also happens in the workplace: I’ve seen people translate one odd look in a meeting to the assumption that a client is going to pull all of its spend. This creates unnecessary stress and work when it most often isn’t even needed, work often described by the workplace lingo of “spinning your wheels.”

The tool I’ve learned for coping with these harmful thoughts is asking myself, “What is the evidence right now ?” This often helps me find good reasons to assuage my fears. In my nonwork life, that might be noting to myself that my boyfriend has already texted me with plans for the night—something he probably wouldn’t do if we were breaking up. I use this same tool constantly in my job, asking myself and teammates if there is actual evidence pointing to a problem, and saving us hours of unproductivity. Was that weird look in the meeting sandwiched between otherwise positive indicators about the client’s level of satisfaction with our work?

Students began by developing their characters and plot – I am used selected sections from the free downloadable Young Novelist Workbook Beige 3Jours Tote Fendi TIN8225
to guide them in this process.

Character Development

Each learner developed a character using the Young Novelists Workbook to guide the character development. Their characters were further developed through drawing them,

. . . making masks of them,

. . . and creating 3d characters out of junk materials, hot glued together.

An option for Character Development using a web tool is Scholastic’s Creature Creator –

Plot Development

Students were asked to group themselves by similarity of their characters. They had to clearly be able to articulate the commonality among their characters. [Interestingly, many of them really attempted to group themselves by similar characters rather than working with their friends, which I expected.] Groups contained two to four writers.

The groups spent several weeks of the Writers’ Workshop developing their story plot using the activities from Young Novelist Workbook . I, as the teacher, acted as the sounding board and feedback giver. Representatives from the different working groups would come to me to pitch their stories and would return to their groups to report on the feedback I provided.

3D Setting

In conjunction with their plot development, students created a 3D storyboard setting with “natural” objects. They then “wired” them with PicoCricket to have programmable movement, lights, and sounds.

PicoCricket is no longer available, but learners can do similar electronic upgrades to their setting using Makey Makey , Arduino , or Carlina roundframe glasses Chlo n2rvVh

An online version of the story’s setting can be created using or Minecraft.


Students made eBooks using their story line and plot from in the Young Novelist Workbook, scanned sketches and images of the characters, and the pictures of the 3D setting.

(Note: We used Tikatok . They changed their user agreement and we lost all of the books.)

Options for student eBooks include: Storyjumper , Mixbook , and Preowned Ponystyle calfskin crossbody bag Jimmy Choo London 9BPCU
(plus others).

Theme Song

A theme song was written and recorded for their stories. It was introduced as having them develop a song for their stories like a TV theme song. They used Songsmith . UJAM Womens Wholesome Belt Bench 5GS21U
is another option for students to record their own story theme songs.

MailChimp vs Aweber – Trial Start at $1 Only We moved to Aweber which says ‘ Universal size Dsquared2 Hat for Women On Sale Black Wool 2017 Universal size Dsquared2 Hat for Women On Sale NdyRQd4YJ
‘. In this plan, you get a 30 days trial for $1 only. Once we finished the 30 days trial period, we took the paid plan which was starting at $19 per month for 500 contacts only. Although this plan gave us the independence of sending as many campaigns as we wanted, our increasing list made Aweber an expensive option again.

MailChimp vs Aweber – Trial Start at $1 Only Start $1 Trial

I would mention here that we used Aweber only because they are well known for their auto-responder features, and they also accept internet marketers and affiliate marketers.

Try Aweber for $1

Mailchimp vs Campaign monitor – $9 plan for 500 Contacts Campaign monitor’s plan of $9 allowed us to send 2500 emails to 500 contacts per month. Though we thought this plan to be costly, we still went ahead and gave it a try. Overall, as affiliate marketer we felt with Campaignmonitor, Email Newsletters are made super easy but at a cost which didnot give much return to us.

Mailchimp vs Campaign monitor – $9 plan for 500 Contacts

The unique feature of Campaign monitor also included a White label program for agencies and designers to set up multiple clients and markup the pricing.

Mailchimp vs Mailerlite – A 12x Cheaper Mailchimp Alternative

After we were failing to meet expectations with Mailchimp and keeping a check with our email marketing budget, until now we had tried many options for Mailchimp alternatives. Not willing to give up easily, we also tried using a MailChimp Alternative namely MailerLite. In the first impression when we looked at the price we were quite surprised. As we took a look at the Demo of the email editor, I assumed that it is cheap because it might have low email delivery rate.

As I explored its features in details, I got to know the real reason behind the low price- Their team said, they have kept the price low because they mostly dealt with bulk email marketing for enterprises and they have not made the product clamped up with features which very few marketers use. This helped them to keep Mailerlite affordable at cheap price.


After this I checked the testimonials, where they mention More than 40,000 happy Customers. They included some of the best online marketers and they were all real testimonials!

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Convinced with the insight, I went ahead and signed up for a Mailchimp alternative Mailerlite Trial Account, which gave me access to send email to 1000 email subscribers. After few hours I checked the report and the result was jaw dropping- 55% Open Rate! Usually this list of 1000 email on Mailchimp also had an opening rate of around 60%. So, looking at the number I was completely satisfied and went ahead taking a pro account for 30,000 Subscribers. For this 30,000 subscribers I had to pay $297 Only for an Year for Unlimited Emails!

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